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The journal of Family History ACT is the Ancestral Searcher which is published quarterly. Members receive a copy as part of their membership. Back numbers and articles are available for purchase.

Table of Contents

Vol 46 No 3 September 2023

Revisiting the Golden Aunt Nina Johnson 089
Was Herbert the black sheep of the Woodgate family? Elaine Gifford 095
Learning to Blog Clare McGuiness 103
Translating the Thesis Michele Rainger 108
Pardey Photographic Collection No.2 Pauline Ramage 113
Finding Jane Knight Jennifer Burgess 117
The Father Brian Maher Files – File 279 Jigger Bulgary Cheryl Bollard 118
Orphan and Destitute Children Pauline Ramage 120
Regular Articles
From the President Rosemary McKenzie 088
Obscure Library Resources Pauline Ramage 116
From Our Contemporaries Pauline Bygraves 124
New Collection Items In Brief compiled Barbara Moore 128
Society Education and Activities   129
Services for Members & Notice to Contributors   132
Discover Captivating Family Stories in a new Short Story Book Gina Tooke 107
Unlock The Past Handy Guides Barbara Moore 122
Unravelling the Tapestry of Time Gina Tooke 131