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Welcome to the Family History ACT (FHACT) research page

Here you can commission research and connect to our other services.

For members – there are many ways you may be able to advance your research before using the Research Service:

  • Our friendly and experienced library staff can help you find resources to check in our library
  • Discuss your research problem at Pauline’s Parlour over a cuppa, held monthly (see Events Calendar)
  • Join a Special Interest Group for discussion and guidance by members with similar research interests

If you still can’t solve your research brick-walls, then you can submit a Research/Consultation Request for a fee.


Services for members and non-members include:

FHACT offers research services conducted by an experienced team of researchers. Research Requests are processed in order of receipt. Once your request has been returned to you, you may submit another Research Request.

A Research Request may be for:

  • Simple Research
    Simple research is limited to 30 minutes. Options are:
    • Quick lookup
      a service to those who are not able to access the library in person. Options are:
      • Specified resource
        A quick lookup is limited to one specified source. Check the FHACT online library catalogue for the available source items. You may ask for more than one look-up in the same item if it can be carried out in the time period.
      • Cemetery lookup
        A quick lookup is limited to one specified item. FHACT has comprehensive holdings of cemetery records and monumental inscriptions, especially for the local area. Check the society’s online library catalogue for our cemetery listings. It should be noted that some records, for example those in the Father Brian Maher Collection, can only be accessed by the researcher in person.
    • General research
      If the research is simple, it may be covered by the request fee.
  • Complex research
    A request for more complex research will be assessed to determine if the Team can help and estimate the time required to conduct the research. You will need to pay the research fee before research can proceed.

Cost:        Research Request Fee: $20

                 Research Fees: Members one free enquiry each year then $30/hour
                                            Non-Members $50 / hour

Submit Research Request Pay Research Request Fee Pay Research Fee

Our Research Team has members with individual experience in a differing areas of family history. Request a consultation with a team member at the Cook Library or email, by arrangement.

Cost:          Members free
                   Non-Members $30/hour, to a maximum 2 hours per session

Request this Service Pay Research Consultation Fee

Please direct any enquiries and requests for more information about Research Services to Contact Research Services