February Monthly Meeting

19th January 2024
By Engagement Committee
Getting the most out of Family Search with Paul Bennallack and Suzanne Russo Adams. Book Now.

Getting the most out of Family Search

Join us at the February Monthly Meeting of Family History ACT to hear Paul Bennallack, Asia Pacific Operations Support Manager from FamilySearch and Suzanne Russo Adams, Senior Content Strategist, as they speak about getting the most out of FamilySearch.

FamilySearch is a genealogy and family history platform that aims to connect individuals with their ancestors and build a comprehensive family tree. It operates as a non-profit organisation and provides a vast database of historical records, documents, and resources to help users explore their family heritage. Users can access FamilySearch online, creating accounts to build their family trees, adding information, and connecting with others who may share common ancestors. FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries, like FHACT, provide users with even more resources and support. Users are encouraged to explore the platform's various features, collaborate with fellow researchers, and contribute to the community by adding their family information to make the most out of FamilySearch.

The February Monthly Meeting will commence at 7pm Tuesday 6 February 2024. All welcome.  You can attend via Zoom or in person at the Family History ACT premises in Cook. Click here to register to attend.



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