Australian Military Medals

1st November 2023
By Engagement Committee
Jo Callaghan will be talking about Australian military medals at the Australia SIG at 2pm via Zoom.

The  November Australia SIG will be hosting a presentation of Military medals by Jo Callaghan on Sunday 12 November 2023

 Have you ever wondered about the military medals that your Australian ancestors received for their service?

What were they, what were they given for and who received them if your ancestor didn’t return?

 Jo Callaghan is a family historian with decades of experience and a keen interest in the wide array of medals given for Australian military service.

In honour of Remembrance Day 2023, Jo’s talk will touch on medals and records relating to the Boer War, and the two major wars of the 20th century. The talk will include guidance on where and how to locate various service records, how to identify medals in the records, and how information in the service records can enhance your genealogical research.

During the presentation there will be stories of service but not stories of war.

See the event page for more details

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