September Monthly Meeting

10th August 2023
Robert Nash Secretary of the Huguenots Society of Australia will talk about Huguenots lives

Join us at the next Monthly Meeting of Family History ACT to hear from Robert Nash, Secretary of the Huguenots Society of Australia who will talk about The Huguenots—The Almost Forgotten People.

The Huguenots were French Protestants and part of the Christian movement that commenced in Europe in the 16th century known as the Reformation. During the 1680s Louis XIV of France was determined to force all his subjects to become Catholic. Many Huguenots chose exile in other countries.

Robert Nash was born in London and educated at Oxford and Cambridge universities. He is descended from a family of Huguenot weavers who came from Sedan in the Ardennes and settled in Spitalfields and Bethnal Green. He migrated to Australia in 1991 and 2001 and was one of the founder members of the Huguenot Society of Australia, of which he is also the Secretary and Editor.

He edited and partly wrote the society's two books on Australian Huguenot descendants, The Hidden Thread and A New Tapestry. He also helped produce the CD-ROM name index to the Quarto Series of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland. He has written many articles on the Huguenots and frequently lectures to various groups, including Probus, U3A and genealogical societies. His latest project was A Directory of Huguenot Refugees on the Channel Islands, 1548-1825, which was published as volume 63 of the Quarto Series, mentioned above. Affectionately called 'Huguenots 101', Robert's presentation "The Huguenots - the Almost Forgotten People" will examine: - who they were - what happened to them - which countries they moved to, as they were now refugees - what they did to survive.

The Monthly Meeting will commence at 7pm Tuesday 5 September 2023. All welcome.  You can attend via Zoom or in person at the Family History ACT premises in Cook. Click here to register to attend.

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