Guest Speaker DNA Interest Group

30th April 2023
By Engagement Committee
Forensic/Investigative Genetic Genealogy in the Australian Context - Ass. Professor Nathan Scudder.

The FHACT DNA SIG will be welcoming Associate Professor Nathan Scudder of the University of Technology Sydney and the Australian Federal Police to their meeting on 13 May 2023.

The topic of Ass Prof Scudder’s presentation will be Forensic/Investigative Genetic Genealogy in the Australian Context.

He will explain how Australian police use genetic genealogy techniques like those used by family historians to identify perpetrators of serious crimes and unknown deceased victims of crime. In many ways, it's similar to what we do in our family history research: using DNA from relatives of the person whose identity we are seeking and matching that with public and private records.

We have all heard how these techniques identified the Golden State Killer through GEDmatch. It will be interesting to hear about the work here in Australia.

FHACT members can join us at 1 pm in the FHACT Education Room at Cook or via Zoom. Visit our website to reserve you place.

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