23rd October 2022
By Gina Tooke
The winner of the 2022 E.M. Fletcher Award was announced at a special event on Sat 15 Oct.

The winner of the 2022 E.M. Fletcher Award was announced at a special event on Saturday 15 October.

And the winner is …… congratulations to Beverley Richardson, winner of the 2022 E.M. Fletcher Writing Award.  Beverley takes home the winner’s prize of $1,000 for her story I am Not In-sane, a compelling story based on official records and an oral history that effectively reminds us of the complexity of mental illness and how it has been viewed over time.  In conferring the award, judges Dr Craig Cormick, Dr Wendy Paterson and David Wintrip said the story is very brave and innovative, and the author cleverly uses descriptive language to evoke an authentic depiction of time and place.  As a Family History ACT member, Beverley also wins the FHACT member prize of a $100 society voucher.  Congratulations Beverley.

The second prize of $500 was awarded to Madeleine Cleary for her story The Butterfly Women inspired by her 3xgreat grandmother, along with an Irish family of prostitutes and petty criminalsThe judges said this story, told largely through dialogue, was well developed with great characters.  Congratulations Madeleine.

A highly commended award was given to Nang-Kai Lahpai for her story Tales from our Grandfather honouring an oral historian grandfather.  The judges said this story provides a fascinating insight into an area of history that might not be well known in Australia, looking at a grandfather’s personal story of the Kachin people going back 17 generations.  Congratulations Nang-Kai.

All short-listed entries will be published in the December 2022 edition of The Ancestral Searcher. Copies of the journal can be pre-ordered at a cost of $3.50 (GST inc) plus postage or alternatively collected from the FHACT Library.  Pre-order your copy today through the FHACT online bookstore.


Photograph:  Beverley Richardson receiving her award from judge David Wintrip.


2022 E.M. Fletcher Writing Competition – Short-List:

Beneath the Surface                                  Charlotte Mullens                        

Bursting Bubbles                                        Dan Davies

Da’s Wake                                                    Cheryl O’Grady

I am Not In-sane                                         Beverely Richardson      Winner

Limonka                                                       Indyana Horobin

Listening in Hope                                       Pat Sheil

Tales from our Grandfather                     Nang-Kai Lahpai            Highly Commended

The Butterfly Women                                Madeleine Cleary            Second Prize


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