Tracing Poor & Destitute Irish

8th May 2022
By Sue Pillans
16 May 2022 Brian Donovan presents a Zoom seminar "Tracing the poor and destitute Irish".

Join Brian Donovan and Family History ACT as we celebrate all things Irish during May 2022!

Course 1025: Tracing the poor and destitute Irish by Brian Donovan.

When: 16 May 2022 at 7:00pm

Zoom only

Poor relief was available in Ireland in some form at almost all time periods, generating records that have left information about millions of impoverished people from all over the country. Given that the poor were the most likely to migrate, these records are an essential resource for your research.

Brian will also explore the culture of the poorest sector of Irish society. They inhabited a world of gross inequality, where they were more likely to be Irish speakers and casual labourers. They clung to superstition, tales of malicious fairies, local cults of saints, as well as a plethora of customs that have long since disappeared.



About the Presenter: Brian Donovan is the Global Head of Irish Collectionsat He previously lectured in history at Trinity College Dublin in the 1990s and since then has lectured throughout Ireland and the US on history, genealogy and digitisation. Brian’s experience in digital technology and his background in history helped motivate the founding of the well-known Irish genealogy company Eneclann in 1998. 

The course fee is  $15.00 for non-members  and $10.50 for Members

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