“Heritage Matters” Exhibition

7th December 2021
By Kerrie Gray
"Heritage Matters" Exhibition at the ACT Heritage Library reopened for viewing until Feb 2022.

Exciting news!

 With the lifting of many Covid restrictions and the re-opening of the ACT Heritage Library, the ACT Family History Exhibition, Heritage Matters, is once again open to the public. There is plenty of time for everyone to head out to the Heritage Library to see the Exhibition as it will be open, during Library hours, until 11 February.

 Check the ACT Heritage Library website for details of opening hours.

The Exhibition includes many photographs, artefacts and ephemera from our Society’s beginnings, through cemetery picnics, roadshows, conferences and congresses and ongoing projects on heritage and heraldry in the ACT.

We hope you will take the opportunity to visit the ACT Heritage Library to see the exhibition.  

More information on the exhibition

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