8th January 2022
By Sue Pillans
Get your 2022 DNA Research off with a bang at our DNA Summer session live with Diahan Southard

Family History ACT is pleased to announce our 2022 DNA Summer Schools!

Diahan Southard will be delivering  two live DNA session on 22 January 2022. Diahan's course DNA Basics is aimed at those new to using DNA for family history research but will also be useful for those looking for a different approach to reviewing their DNA matches .

Course 1021 DNA Basics with Diahan Southard    9 am Saturday January 2022     Zoom only

Diahan will be present two live 45 minutes lectures and Q&A sessions.

Lecture 1: Five Tips to Make Sense of Your DNA Testing. 

So you have had your autosomal DNA tested: now what?! Come learn in 45 minutes what would take you hours to read about online, and leave armed with enough information to start making your DNA work for you.

Lecture 2 Three DNA Tests = Three Times the Fun.

Three kinds of DNA tests, five testing companies, and many different outcomes. Learn the basics and leave with confidence in this new area of research.

The Course is $50 for non-members and $45 for members.

To Book or for more details on the course see the Education and Events webpage


For more information download this document

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