Family History for Beginners & Beyond 16th edition

18th December 2020
By Bookshop Managers
Family History for Beginners & Beyond 16th edition is now in its second reprint. Copies are available from the Bookshop.

Family History for Beginners and Beyond 16th Edition is now in its second reprint.

The book comprises 23 chapters plus appendices, index and glossary and is a book for all Australian researchers no matter what their level of experience. This B5, layflat book walks the reader through the processes of family history, from first steps to more advanced techniques.

Five new chapters are included in this edition, some dealing with emerging trends in family history, others concerning formerly overlooked or more complex research.

One of the new chapters tackles DNA research and the benefits of using DNA to further genealogy research. As one of the most active areas of genealogy, this section contains many references to internet resources and social media groups.

Writing your story is another new chapter. It provides information on many ways to share and present your family history research including on-line or hardcopy, website, blogs and slideshoes. As an added benefit writing your family history can help you assess, clarify and interpret your research.

The book also contains chapters on researching your First Nations people, tracing Chinese Australian ancestors and exploring ancestors in New Zealand.

Copies of  Family History Beginners and Beyond is available through the on-line shop and from the Family History ACT Library at Cook.

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