Using NSW Land Records Part 2

29th May 2023
By Engagement Committee
Learn about NSW Primary Application Packets, Conditional Purchases and Deposited Plans

Maps and land records are crucial records for family historians seeking to understand the lives and movements of their ancestors: but they are not always the easiest records to use. Understanding historical geography and how land allocations were recorded will help to locate and use these valuable resources.

In June 2023 Family History ACT (FHACT) will be welcoming back Jeff Madsen to conduct further sessions in the series Using NSW Land Records.

Presentation 7pm Monday 19 June

This session is open to the public as well as to FHACT members. It will cover:

  1. Primary Application Packets,
  2. Conditional Purchases and
  3. Deposited Plans.

Cost:  $10.50 members.  $15.00  non members

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Member-Only Workshops Tuesday 20 June

Two hands-on workshops will be held at the FHACT Library for members-only on Tuesday 20 June. These workshops will focus on providing personal assistance with specific land research question(s).

Members should log onto the FHACT Website for further information and to book their place.

Cost:  $10.50 members

Our Presenter

Jeff Madsen has had a long career in Information Technology using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software to prepare maps for Government, private enterprise and family researchers. His interest in genealogy highlighted that maps and historical geography could be used to enhance a family tree or story to become more than just names and dates. Since 1999 he has used the Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV) and, more recently, to research property owned by ancestors, greatly assisting the writing of family stories.

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