1921 Census comes to Cook

2nd November 2022
By Engagement Committee
FHACT members now have FREE unlimited access to the 1921 England and Wales Census

We are pleased to announce that Family History ACT members, and visitors to our library who purchase a reader’s tickets, now have free unlimited access to the 1921 England and Wales Census through our Find My Past library subscription, when you visit Cook.

Find my Past tells us that ‘on 19 June 1921 the Census saw over 38,000 enumerators dispatched to every corner of England and Wales to capture the details of more than 38 million people. This included over 8.5 million households as well as all manner of public and private institutions ranging from prisons and military bases to public schools and workhouses.

Offering more detail than any previous census, the 1921 Census of England & Wales not only asked individuals about their age, birthplace, occupation and residence (including the names of other household members and the number of rooms), but also their place of work, employer details, and gave 'divorced' as an option for marital status.’

With unlimited free access to these records through our library subscription, now is a great time to visit the FHACT Library at Cook and delve into the 1921 Census to see what surprises you can find.

Use this link to find out more information about using and visiting the Family History ACT Library.


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