Welcome to 2021 Councillors

12th November 2021
By Engagement Committee
Family History ACT is pleased to announce and welcome its recently elected office bearers.

Family History ACT is pleased to announce the office bearers for 2021/2022, recently elected at its Annual General Meeting on 2nd November 2021:

Rosemary McKenzie                       President

Michele Rainger                              Vice President

Peta Furnell                                     Secretary

Cheryl Bollard                                  Treasurer

Anne Beasley                                   Councillor

Peter McLoughlin                             Councillor

Mel McNamara                                 Councillor

Sue Pillans                                       Councillor

Howard Viccars                                Councillor

David Wintrip                                    Councillor

A mix of seasoned Councillors and new members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this year’s Council.  Find out more about each of the elected representatives here.

Each elected Council manages the business of FHACT, and as such, has an integral role to play in its operations and planning for the future.   Without the dedication of these volunteers, FHACT could not function, and their commitment to these critical roles is what allows the organisation to flourish. 


We wish the newly elected Council members well in their roles and look forward to getting to know each elected represented during the year.

We also thank the outgoing Councillors Neville Morrison, Francine Morrison, Nick Reddan and Deb Hawker for their leadership and valued contributions to FHACT.


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