Seminar: Forgotten Women

29th October 2021
By Cheryl Bollard
 Join us on Monday Nov 15 at 7:00 pm for Dr Janet Few's presentation on Forgotten Women

Tracing female ancestors can be difficult most of the time, but it is even harder when the women were part of marginised groups - workhouse inmates, prostitutes or accused witches.

Dr Janet Few will tell the story of these Forgotten Women using a series of case studies to explore their lives.

 Whether your ancestors were in an asylum, disabled, illegitimate, criminals or simply poor, Dr Few  will provide us tips and hints to resources we can use to them. A handout will be available after the session.

Mistress Agnes Sepia


Although Dr Janet Few is a well- regarded author, historian and genealogist, she also believes in making history come alive. When she is not writing , her alter ego Mistress Agnes manager the Swords and  Spindles team of historical interpreters. Focusing mostly on the 16th and 17th centuries, her team specialises in bringing the past to life via entertaining, informative and unforgettable presentations.




Join us for what is sure to be a memorable session.

Course 1020  Forgotten Women will run on Monday 15 November from 7:00- 8.30 pm

Tickets are $15:00 for members. 

Bookings are via the website

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