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May 2022
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FHACT Monthly Meeting (Register) - Cook, Tue May 3
7:00 pm Frances Devlin-Glass from Tinteán shares the story of an Australian- Irish immigrant. ... (more)
Reunion & Mac SUG (Information) - Fri May 6
09:30 am This user group supports members using the Reunion app and any Mac related topics. There is also the opportunity for one-on-one help at 0900, before the main meeting begins at 0930.. ... (more)
Family Tree Maker SUG (Information) - Thu May 12
02:00 pm Clare McGuiness - “Publishing books using FTM and the plug-in program Family Book Creator". ... (more)
Irish SIG Meeting (Information) - Sat May 14
9:30 am Irish Folklore and the Schools' Project on ... (more)
DNA SIG Meeting (Information) - Sat May 14
1:00 pm TOPIC: DNA - "Proving your Tree" How much proof is enough?. ... (more)
Pauline's Parlour (Information) - Cook, Sun May 15
11:00 am Round table chats to assist with research problems and explore research material Pauline's Parlour is an face to face informal meeting for members and new members looking for help with their genealogy research problems. where we help with member's problems. We look at different websites, explore research material in library, books microfilm and microfiche readers and contents.. ... (more)
1025 Tracing the poor and destitute Irish (Register) - Mon May 16
7:00 pm Join Brian Donovan's Seminar "Tracing the poor and destitute Irish". ... (more)
English & Welsh SIG (Information) - Cook, Thu May 19
7:30 pm Therese Lynch will guide us through how to find & use Wills to uncover family history gems. . ... (more)
Coffee and Chat (Information) - Fri May 20
10:00 am Join us for an informal chat over coffee to discuss a variety of family history topics. ... (more)
Writers SIG (Information) - Cook, Sat May 21
10:00 am Moira McAlister, a local writer who has published her family story digitally & in print.. ... (more)
Basic Irish Research (Register) - Cook, Sat May 21
02:00 pm Join Barbara Moore in the Education Room for a talk on starting Irish Research . ... (more)
Australia SIG (Information) - Cook, Sun May 22
2.00 pm An informative presentation on the Immigrants from countries other than Britain. ... (more)
Library Practice (Information) - Cook, Mon May 23
10:00 am Join us to learn how to make the best use of the FHACT Library and its resources.. ... (more)
DAM SIG Meeting (Information) - Sat May 28
10.00 am This group supports members in how to manage, backup and safely preserve computer files.. ... (more)
Pauline's Parlour (Information) - Cook, Tue May 31
10:00 am We have round table, where we discuss and help with member's and new members with their problems. We look at different websites, explore research material on shelves, microfilm and microfiche readers, and how to use the information that is found. We also have discussions about different topics, or just come along to join in the chats. . . ... (more)
DNA Drop in Clinic (Information) - Tue May 31
1:00 pm The monthly DNA Drop-in Clinic is a forum to help members explore their DNA results.. ... (more)