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Oct 12

Family Tree Maker SUG (Information)

Date & Time
12 October 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

The Family Tree Maker Software User Group Meeting is a Zoom only meeting for members with an interest in using Family Tree Maker software for their genealogy research. Members should register to attend this event by logging in and selecting the event with "(Register)" in the title.

The topic for this meeting is:

Sources and Citations in Family Tree Maker

During this meeting we will explore different approaches to developing and managing sources and citations in Family Tree Maker. Documenting our research is something we all want to do as well as we can, but many of us struggle at times to work out how best to achieve this. In addition, while FTM provides many features and tools to help us, we may be unsure how to make the most of these. There seems to be as much art as science involved, and it can be helpful to hear from different members about what they do. 

As usual, bring your questions about using FTM to the meeting where we will all try to help.

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Zoom only Meeting
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