May 18

Legacy SUG (Information)

Date & Time
18 May 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

Legacy User Group meeting is a Zoom meeting for members looking for support in using the Legacy Family Tree program for their genealogy research. Members should register to attend this event by logging in and selecting the event with "(Register)" in the title

As discussed at our final 2022 meeting, we will be changing the format of our meetings in 2023.

Part 1 ‘What’s on your mind?’ – a member participation segment where you can raise Q&A, feedback (webinars, issues, problems, workarounds, solutions), sharing what you’re working on, reminders

Part 2 Meeting topic

The topic for this meeting:

"Media - Attaching and Displaying"

This month we’ll discuss how to attach media to records and how this media can be displayed.

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Event Type
Zoom only meeting
Event Location
Contact Details
Legacy SUG Convenor

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