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Health & Safety

Family History ACT is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all members, volunteers, visitors, contractors, and anyone else who uses our facilities.  Our Health & Safety Policy describes the responsibilities we all have in ensuring a safe and healthy environment free from injuries and illness.

Reporting a health and safety incident

If a member or someone else is:

  • injured
  • becomes ill, or
  • is exposed to a serious risk to their health and safety because a dangerous incident occurs,

they must report it to the Society as soon as possible.  The type and nature of information required to be included in any report has been consolidated into an incident report form, and it should be completed as far as is reasonably possible. It can be printed out by clicking on the link below.

Health & Safety Documents

Health & Safety Policy – including Health & Safety Procedures
Health & Safety Incident Report Form


COVID Announcement – Number 11 – 1 November 2022

In line with the ACT Government's easing of COVID restrictions in October 2022, we are encouraging our members to adopt COVID smart behaviours that will keep our premises a COVID Smart area.

COVID Smart behaviours are everyone’s responsibility. Individuals are responsible for protecting themselves and each other by:

  • staying home if unwell and getting tested for COVID-19
  • remaining up-to-date with vaccinations
  • wearing a face mask on public transport and when in public indoor places
  • practising good hand and respiratory hygiene
  • practising physical distancing in public places

Many of these actions also help protect individuals and businesses from other illnesses that circulate in our community.

Information on ACT COVID -19 Summary of restrictions:

We will continue to monitor the situation in line with advice from the government health organisations. Keep an eye on the website for further information.

More details on FHACT's COVID safe Policies can be found in the documents below.

Please contact the Co-COVID Officers if you have any questions or concerns.


Michele Rainger, President Contact Michele

Cheryl Bollard, Treasurer Contact Cheryl


COVID Documents

COVID-19 Safety Plan - Summary of Restrictions

COVID-19 Safety Plan - Library

COVID-19 Safety Plan - Education Room

COVID-19 Safety Plan - Events

COVIDSAFE Use of Library

COVIDSAFE Education Room Procedural Guide

Epidemic/Pandemic Policy

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