Digital Asset Management SIG

The Digital Asset Management SIG is not currently meeting.


This Group provides a forum for discussion and exchange of information and to provide mutual support for those interested in digital asset management.

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This SIG is not currently meeting.

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This SIG is not currently meeting.

Who May Attend?

For FHACT members it is free.

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For more information about this group pleaseContact Digital Asset Management (DAM) SIG The VIce-president will respond to your contact request.

What is DAM?

A possible description of digital assets and their management could be the following: Digital assets are any form of born or derivative digital file - including images, scans of analog media (paper documents, videos and photographs), documents, photos, videos, and presentations. Digital Asset Management refers to using systems and processes for the unbroken maintenance in organising, storing and retrieving digital assets, managing access rights (including in our absence or after death) and permissions (privacy and security), preserving and backing up digital assets, and ensuring continuity over time (e.g. migrating to new formats).

About the DAM name

This acronym is the name given by the author Peter Krogh for his book "The DAM Book - Digital Asset Management for Photographers" and many of his principles and ideas have been incorporated in thousands of photographer's workflows since it came out in 2005.

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