Canberra Tracks Questions

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Sacred Heart Church, Calwell

Question 1: What was the name of Father Hogan's horse?

Stanley Melbourne Bruce

Question 2: What school did SM Bruce open in 1927?

George Kemp

Question 3: What suburb is George Kemp Park in?

Evatt Unmarked Cemetery

Question 4: What country did Donald and Ann Cameron come from?

Hall Cemetery

Question 5: What is Bryce Courtney's headstone made from?

Dr Walter Geoffrey Duffield

Question 6: What was the name of the house built by Walter Duffield?

Queen Nellie Hamilton

Question 7: What sport did Bobby play?

Alured Tasker Faunce

Question 8: On what ship did Alured Tasker Faunce arrive in Sydney?

Flora Blundell

Question 9: Where is George Blundell buried?

Mercy Fallick/John Gale

Question 10: What did John Gale introduce to local streams?